Our Core Mission is to Honor the Past and Protect the Future

What was once a whimsical notion of the disruption to the ICE vehicles and education we know and love is happening today faster than ever. From industry giants and local shops to individuals ready to drive change, EV education is at the forefront of conversations in our industry. With proven expertise and training in electric vehicle systems and conversions, we can help you embrace this exciting future of EVs with Legacy EV's Certified Technician Program.

Legacy EV's Certified Technician Program

Upon completing our comprehensive certified technician program, students will be able to do:
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Wire and Mount
EV Components
Using our database of
custom wiring diagrams
Plan and Troubleshoot
High Voltage Circuits
Use electrical instruments and
troubleshooting tools with confidence
Analyze & Interpret
EV Data
Fine tune parameters to
optimize vehicle performance 
Build, Service,
and Repair EVs
Streamline EV
component integration 

Completion Rate

Alumni have gone on to work in EV-value chain industries, start EV-related businesses, or provide EV services at their current employer

Alumni earn an EV industry credential post-training

Our Team

Meet our Curriculum Team

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Baily Soto, M.Ed
Curriculum Specialist
Baily is an undeniable trailblazer in the development of electrification education programs. As a Curriculum Specialist at Legacy EV and with a decade of experience in education, she is a passionate champion for creating future leaders and technicians in the EV industry. She has been instrumental in establishing multiple Career and Technical Education Programs in public schools in the US, having played an integral role in the areas of teaching, curriculum design, and coaching teachers.

An Arizona State University alumnus, Baily holds a Master's degree in Secondary Education, with a concentration in Career and Technical Education, is a former Teach for America Corps Member, and Leading for Change Alumni. Over the past five years, Baily has been at the forefront of several grant writing initiatives, spearheading funding for Career and Technical Education Programs and EV repowers across the country. 
Tom Santilli
Curriculum Specialist
Tom, a Curriculum Specialist at Legacy EV, has been at the forefront of developing innovative, hands-on curriculum for the EV generation of the automotive industry.

As a Teach for America Corps Member alumnus with over a decade of experience in education, Tom has served in a variety of roles as part of his commitment to ensure that all people have access to an excellent and equitable education. Tom has utilized his expertise in STEM education, Gifted education, graphic design, and community outreach, to develop in-person and online courses, facilitate training, and coach others to deliver hands-on learning experiences that enable learners to connect with the content and each other.

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Interactive Coursework

Learn at your own pace with our interactive content of videos, diagrams, quizzes, and more!

Fully Social Learning

A complete built-in social network for connecting with co-learners via the feed, webinars, and other networking opportunities.

EV Builder Forums

Participate in our online forum, share EV builder insights, and ask questions to the EV community.

In-Person Learning

Couple your virtual education with in-person training on high voltage safety or the Certified Technician Program Bootcamp.


What our Alumni are Saying About Us

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“I have a mechanical engineering background with a good knowledge of electronics. This was a much more in depth understanding of how EV systems interact with each other. I definitely would recommend this.” 
Milan Patel, E-Muscle Cars
“It's tough to take an EV course in school when you are working full time, but it's tough to work with vendors when you are still learning about EV components or don't have a demand to offer them yet. This was a great way for me to break into the industry with an established company like Legacy EV, and partner with them to get the materials I need to do the work I’m looking to do.”
David Dyck, Masco Sweepers
“1,000 percent recommend this training. I can’t believe there is so much information packed into it! The way it's organized, the teachers, the curriculum, it's just spot on, and there is nothing else like it.”
— Kris Saunders, Extend EV