Level 1 & Level 2 High Voltage Safety Certification Training Bundle  

This online and in-person training bundle will arm learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe in high voltage DC environments and earn individuals two industry credentials, a Level 1 and a Level 2 High Voltage Safety Certification. The online Level 1 Safety Training covers safety measures specific to EVs, including warning lights and labeling and will help you identify high voltage safety concerns and take the necessary steps to prevent harm. In the hybrid Level 2 course you will  learn about the different levels of personal protective equipment (PPE) required for working on EVs, and how these vary depending on the electrical levels and specific working conditions. In the in-person portion of the course, attendees will use electrical measurements to determine source voltage, voltage drop (including grounds), amperes, and resistance in a high voltage circuit. Participants will learn how to perform a Live-Dead-Live test to verify zero potential in an EV and how to create and implement a workstation pre-use inspection checklist and electrical risk assessment. Lastly, the course covers the hazards of improper grounding and bonding, potential equalization, and how to test high voltage cable integrity and loss of isolation.


Learn the safety knowledge around PPE, workplace procedures, and emergency protocols at your own pace

Hands-on Practice 

Practice industry-backed safety protocols in a variety of high voltage vehicles and scenarios

Employee Onboarding

On-board entire departments for uniform employee training

Industry Certification

Earn two industry credentials to become a Legacy EV Certified High Voltage Vehicle echnician 
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HV1 + HV2