Certified EV Technician Program

Electrical Safety &
EV System Preparation

In this course, we will cover basic safety measures for working with EVs, general safety tips, common electrical faults, bench testing your EV system, workstation prep, and ICE removal.

Course Overview

In this comprehensive EV safety overview, you will delve into the essential knowledge and skills required to ensure safety and compliance while working with electric vehicle components. Participants will learn about general and specific safety measures, including the use of personal protective equipment and adherence to safety protocols. The course also provides instruction on kit connections and set up, including the proper wiring, connections, and configuration of EV components. Students will also learn how to prepare their bench test in order to thoroughly and accurately test an EV powertrain before installation. Additionally, the course also focuses on setting up a well-organized workstation to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of  a safe build process. 
  • General and specific safety measures for working on Legacy EV kits.
  • Kit connections and set up, including how to prepare your bench test.
  • How to prepare your vehicle for the Legacy EV kit, including identifying which components should be removed and which should stay.
  • How to prepare your workstation for the build so it goes as smoothly as possible.
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This course is designed as the second module of the Legacy EV Certified Technician Program. Buy the entire bundle today!
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Course Lessons