Certified EV Technician Program

EV System Mounting
& Wiring

At this point we have covered an introductory overview of EV systems, safety measures when working with EVs, mount fitment and fabrication of components, and now we will cover how to physically mount the systems and begin wiring them together.
Since you have already planned out mounting locations for all the systems, now you need to plan out how you will place the components into the vehicle, how you want to route your wires, and how to connect everything. In this chapter we will cover what you need to know before physically mounting the systems and connecting them, we will look at wiring diagrams and discuss how they translate into actual application on a vehicle. Additionally, we will cover best practices for wiring and connecting EV systems, as well as how to connect each system.
This course is designed as the fourth module of the Legacy EV Certified Technician Program. Buy the entire bundle now!
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Course Lessons