Certified EV Technician Program

Programming, Testing, & Tuning an EV System

By this point in Legacy EV’s certified technician program you have learned about the best ways to mount and fit your EV system into the vehicle's frame and body, you have covered how to connect all EV systems together, and how to do all of this safely. Now it is time to program and tune your system to meet the specific needs of your unique build. 
Due to the nature of an EV being an electronic system, it is likely far more programmable and customizable than the original combustion engine vehicle you started with. For example EVs have programmable torque curves, they can have different modes programmed and accessible in the cab by the flip of a switch, and they can even have programmable modes to allow for single pedal driving.

If you are a seasoned builder with experience with combustion engines, this may be the newest aspect of building an EV for you to learn. Programming your EV will require having access to a properly specced computer, proper software, and the programming manual included with your VCU, BMS, and/or MCU system.
This course is designed as the fifth module of the Legacy EV Certified Technician Program
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Course Lessons