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Level 1 High Voltage Safety Training

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4 Modules, 2-4 hours
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Level 1 High Voltage Safety Certification
A Level 1 Electrically Aware Person is one that may come into contact with Electric Vehicles (EVs), high voltage components, and high voltage working environments in various roles such as sales, service, repair, and related fields. This Level 1 training provides individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify high voltage hazards and implement preventative measures to safely navigate a high voltage work environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify workplace safety signage, barriers and boundaries
  • Identify high voltage components and circuit parts
  • Identify local, state, and federal workplace safety regulations
  • Understand and implement how to respond to safety concerns associated with EVs
  • Understand electrical safety related to high voltage components and batteries
  • Understand and implement de-energizing protocols, like Lock Out Tag Out

Looking to earn a Level 2 High Voltage Credential As Well? 

A Level 2 High Voltage Safety Credential requires that you demonstrate skills to maintain an electrically safe work condition. Reach out to us to schedule a Level 2 Training at your facility or our's today!
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