For those looking to elevate their skills and knowledge, we are thrilled to introduce our Gold subscription plan. Building upon the offerings of our Certified EV Technician Program, this comprehensive plan includes everything in the EV Technician Bundle, Level 2 High Voltage Safety Training, as well as exclusive first access to new product courses made in collaboration with our industry partners.

In addition to accessing our online learning platform, forums, webinars, and other program benefits, Gold subscribers will gain exclusive access to courses focused on the latest advancements in EV technology. Stay ahead of the curve and broaden your expertise by diving into topics such as emerging battery technologies, advanced charging infrastructure, and cutting-edge EV components.

But that's not all - the Gold plan also includes our Level 2 High Voltage Safety Training, a crucial certification for technicians working with high voltage systems. This comprehensive training equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle and maintain high voltage components safely.

Benefits of the Gold plan

The Online Perks

  • Online Certified Technician Program Bundle
  • Level 1 and Level 2 High Voltage Safety Training Bundle
  • Get exclusive access to new product courses as we develop them with our industry partners
  • Online EV Builder Community 
  • Free Access to all LEV Webinar Series

1-day In-Person Training

Through the Lithium Plan you will also be able to sign up for  EV 101, a 1-day hands-on learning experience with expert instructors and engineers.

Sign up for your one day in-person Level 2 High Voltage Safety Training today!

Gold Plan Payment Terms
Please note that the subscription plans offered by our company have been carefully designed to provide an affordable option for individuals interested in purchasing our training programs. It is important to understand that by subscribing to any of our plans, you are committing to a minimum term of 12 months. Should you decide to cancel your subscription before the end of this 12-month threshold, please be informed that an immediate payment will be required to cover the remaining balance for the cost of the training program. We kindly encourage our subscribers to thoroughly review our cancellation policy and terms of service before making any decisions.