Certified EV Technician Program   Level 1 High Voltage Safety Certification

leGACY ev Certified Technician Program Bundle

Level 1

Level 1 High Voltage Safety Training

Module 1

EV Overview

Module 2

EV Electrical Safety & EV System Preparation

Module 3

EV System Fitment
& Configuration

Module 4

EV System Mounting & Wiring

Module 5

EV System Tuning & Commissioning 

The online Certified EV Technician Program is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of electric vehicles (EVs) and equip them with the necessary skills to work as EV technicians. Through a combination of online theoretical knowledge and at-home hands-on experience, learners will gain a deep understanding of EV history, fundamental electrical theory, and EV componentry.

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Industry-backed EV
Training Standards
Product Agnostic
EV Fundamentals
EV Career
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The course will cover important aspects of working with high voltage systems, including safety procedures and basic electrical circuitry involved in installing a high voltage system into a vehicle. Learners will learn how to interpret wiring diagrams, understand the interconnectedness of EV components, as well as the differences between high voltage and low voltage systems. Additionally, the program will focus on proper handling of high voltage components and batteries, familiarizing learners with the tools and equipment commonly used in vehicle electrification, and applying mathematical fundamentals to vehicle performance and electrical conditions.

To ensure practical application of the learned concepts, learners will have the opportunity to complete a full installation of an EV kit into a vehicle, testing and finding specifications for the final product of vehicle electrification. This hands-on experience will prepare adult learners for future careers in electric vehicle maintenance, service, and repair. By the end of this program, learners will have a solid foundation in EV technology, safety procedures, electrical circuitry, and troubleshooting skills. With the growing market for electric vehicles, graduates of this program will be well-positioned to excel in the field of EV technician, contributing to the transition towards a more sustainable transportation sector.
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Certification Pathways

Included in this fully virtual EV Certified Technician Program is the Legacy EV Level 1 High Voltage Safety Course, giving you the opportunity to test and become Certified in electrical awareness.
Then, upon successful completion of an at-home or in-shop gas-to-electric vehicle conversion, you will become a Legacy EV Certified Technician. Need hands-on training to complete your EV repower?
Need a Level 2 High Voltage Vehicle Technician Certification? Sign up for our hybrid Level 2 course and plan your visit to demonstrate your safety skills with us today!
Electric Vehicle Technician Education Council
Legacy EV is a pending EVTEC Approved Training Provider. Our curriculum and training are based on the industry-backed EVTEC EV Technician Standards. If you’d like to review the EVTEC EV Technician Standards or get involved in Standards development and peer review, please visit evteched.org.